HI, im karlee

I'm KarLee! Alex and I met in high school our junior year. Yes, we are THAT couple. We have been married since 2012 and love working together, except when Alex forgets his Gimble :) I am obsessed with dogs, reality TV shows, cross-stitching, and FOOD. I never thought I would have a business of my own. On top of that, working with my husband! But it has been the funnest little adventure. We absolutely love meeting new people and capturing important memories for them! 

HI, im alex

I got us into this wild adventure! While I was going to film school, I told KarLee I wanted to buy a camera and that I would film weddings to pay it off. That is how it all started! I grew a passion for making cinematic wedding films. KarLee started tagging a long for the food at the receptions and I gave her a camera to make it look like she was helping. When I was going through her footage I was amazed at the shots she was getting and I took her on as my young Padawan. She learned very quickly and our business began! 

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